10 Best Places to Get Whet in South Beach



Whet means ‘to excite’ in the dictionary and South Beach is one of the most exciting places on the planet.  Especially this time of year when people fly in from around the world for WMC/MMC, Comedy Fest, Boat show, Sobe Food and Wine Fest, and much more.  The buzz on the street never stops.  And when you visit, you don’t want the same ho-hum over priced south beach crap.  If you are going to spend, you want to leave with over the top experiences that when you head home you gloat to everyone you know.  So, if you are looking for some excitement and something a little different, here’s the top spots to get your whet on…


1)  Whet View:  Juvia.
This spot just opened at the end of February, so unless you live in Sobe, this place may not be on your radar.  When we first walked into this restaurant at the top of a parking structure on Lincoln Road the view was shocking.  Lincoln Road looks tame from up here, and you can see the full layout of Sobe from the beach to the intracoastal.  The vibe is fantastic and the bartenders and staff smile!  What a novel idea for Sobe.


2)  Whet Restaurant:  Barton G
Your poor Facebook friends are going to be annoyed as hell when you go to this place.  This is a 2-3 status update and 4-5 picture location even if you aren’t the posting junkie.  Why?  The presentation of the food and drinks is ridiculous.  Tuna tartar is served with a buddha and a waterfall, a gigantic smoking martini with a frozen rose in it, salmon on a real red Weber grill, and a bathtub of chocolate (yes a real bathtub damn near the size of the whole table) with bubbles blowing out of it for dessert?  That’s not even the half of it… If food presentation gives you whet dreams, this is the pinnacle.


3)  Whet Adventure:  Kite surfing. 
If there’s wind, hurry and head up to the beach at 25th and Collins to get strapped in and get your kite surf on.  Even if you don’t have the cojones to put your life in the hands of a kite these guys are a BLAST to watch.  Besides dodging the drag queens outside of the Palace on Ocean, this is the most adventurous thing to do on the beach.


4)  Whet Nightclub:  LIV
Supposedly the highest grossing nightclub on the planet.  What does that mean?  Girls + Hot + Girls + $$$$$.  And if you are lucky enough to get in, it’s pretty friggin exciting almost any day they are open.  Hell the lobby slammed with hotness trying to get in is a scene in itself.


5)  Whet Drinks: Sushi Samba

This is one restaurant on the beach where you can’t go wrong.  Caipirinha’s and Mojito’s are sexy here… yes, the drinks are sexy…it’s a Samba thing.

6)  Whet Hotel:  Delano
It’s one of the few hotels that you can walk in any day of the week and there will be a decent vibe and the decor and ambiance are as exciting as it gets.  If you only go to one hotel on the beach, this is a must.  But bring your black amex card because its expensive as shit.


7)  Whet Visuals:  Haven
On Lincoln road between Alton and West, this is a spot a tourist probably won’t know about.  When walking west down Lincoln Road, the pedestrian part ends at Alton and when you look across the street to see if it is worth walking another block, you would think there is nothing down there.  But oh, there is.  There aren’t many places with a bigger WOW factor than Haven.  The video projections engulf you in mesmerizing scenes.  We swear the temperature dropped 20 degrees in 10 seconds when you go from the amazon jungle to the swiss alps.  There is no better place to pre-game on the beach.

8)  Whet Bar:  Mango’s

Yes it’s cheese ball city to the extreme but this article is about excitement and unique experiences and there is NO place that fits that bill better than Mango’s.  There is an inner urge in all of us to see big-butt latinas and six-pack dudes dancing in tight fitting animal print outfits.

9)  Whet Hidden Hangout:  Foxhole
You will never find this place unless you know someone.  It’s in an alley near 15 and Alton and opened just a few months ago.  There’s no sign, no line and you won’t hear music inside.  Just a red light.  But it should be a green light because this place has go written all over it.  Once in it’s like model central and doesn’t have the stuck up south beach vibe to it.  DJs spin open format from back in the day and its more of a fun bar crowd vs the club crowd.  Perfect to start the night out.  Green light!!

10)  Whet Lounge:  Mynt
Most every club and lounge, has their ‘night’ of the week where it goes off.  Hogwash at Mynt, the reason we like it is that its been consistently good nearly any day of the week for years.  That’s tough to pull off in fickle south beach where everyone runs off to the next hot spot.  When you go you will see hotties, visuals, great house music, performers, and one of the highest energy vibes around.


written by: Jason Beukema

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