Body Agenda

Body Agenda

Total Body Blowout By:
Curtis Lomanski
If there ever was an exercise that would blast the whole body, this is it!

Total Body Blowout!  This workout is designed to punish your chest, triceps, back, biceps, legs, and glutes, all of which are stabilizing muscles & yes…of course CORE.

Tip: Keep your core tight for the duration of the repetition.
Note: This exercise can be performed using dumbbells or a barbell.

Let us begin:


Step 1:  
Position yourself in a push-up phase, grasping a dumbbell in each hand.  Lower your body to the floor, come up half way, lower it down again & then power push yourself up to starting position.


Step 2:
If your using dumbbells, “walk” them forward (left arm, then right arm), at the same time, bringing your left foot forward followed your right foot.  Move ahead 3 steps with each, keeping your core tense & back straight as a board.


Step 3:
In a shoulder width stance and a slight knee bend, grasp the dumbbells (shoulder width underhand grip) and deadlift the weight, flicking your shoulders back & pushing your chest out all the while keeping your back straight.

Step 4:
From the finishing deadlift position, slowly curl the dumbbells.

Step 5:  
While keeping the dumbbells in the finishing stage of the bicep curl, squat & then thrust up.

Step 6:
Follow thru the thrust phase by pushing the weight up & over your head.  Do not lock your elbows & keep your back straight.

Step 7:  
Lower the weight down to the floor & repeat, starting at step 1 again.

This will be 1 repetition.  Do 15reps for 10 sets.  Adjust the weight accordingly.  Rest: 2-2.5minutes in-between sets.

*Keep in mind by changing push up grips/stances (wide, regular, and narrow) for each set, you will end up hitting all angles of the chest & have full tricep utilization.  Allot for 40min-1hr.

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Edmonton native Curtis Lomanski (Bachelor of Phys. Ed, area of concentration:  Sports Performance) From the Hockey Arena, to the Fireman’s Calendar (Mr. January), to the Gym Floor, to the Dance floor, his body never fails to get him where he needs to be.  Years of lifting, sweating, planning, gaining, watching what he eats and constantly striving to be better, have left him with a firm infrastructure that now only requires maintenance.  He is a wealth of knowledge pertaining to gym, diet, leaning out, gaining, losing weight, and packing the muscle on.

Curtis will tell you modestly that his hidden talent is that he can play

sports equally as well with right and left hands and right and left feet.

What he won’t tell you (his secret talent), is that he can transform you, no matter who you are or what you look like, into a new better you.


written by Gene Kew.

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  1. KR May 11, 2012

    Great tips on the workout. Looks tricky for a girl…but I’ll give it a shot. You look very lean and cut, but good. That is where I need the help. Good job

  2. KR May 11, 2012

    By the way, where do you train in Edmonton? Are you taking on new clients?

    • curtis lomanski May 14, 2012

      And yes, I am taking on NEW clients.

  3. curtis lomanski May 14, 2012

    It may seem tricky when you read through the steps, but once you go through a few repititions you’ll quickly see how easy it is. After a set or 2, you’ll also become more fluid in the transitions between movements.
    I train at World Health Glenora, here in Edmonton as well as at my firehall. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to facebook me.

  4. KR May 22, 2012

    Thank you Curtis. I’m definitely going to give this workout a try. I just recently started working with a diet coach because I think getting the right mix down is the majority of my problem but I will definitely keep you in mind for training! You look amazing!

  5. KR August 22, 2012

    I’ve gone to Glenora a few times, but never seen you there. Are you still training there?

  6. KR October 3, 2012

    I’m ready to sign up with a trainer and it seemed you were a good one but I am assuming you aren’t doing it anymore? I will keep on with the search for another good one.

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