The Groove Cruise 2012 Recap


WOW, did that seriously happen?  For those that went that have traveled and partied around the world, that was resoundingly the craziest, most intense 72 hours of our lives!  The energy and passion on Norwegian Cruise Lines SKY as we headed to 2 Bahamian islands was unlike anything most of us have ever experienced.  Love was EVERYWHERE too…3 couples got engaged (including Buster the host of GC who met his fiance Hilda on the GC 4 years ago) and it’s humbling when people share a special life moment with us.  It’s definitely a family atmosphere that has developed over the last 8 years that’s for sure.  And we just hate it when everyone asks us how it was because there isn’t really anything you can say or show them to explain what it’s like.  No videos or photos can explain the feelings that rush through you as you sail in the middle of the ocean and party with 2300 house music loving peeps who are just like you.  There isn’t anything like it on the planet.  As more and more pics and vids keep popping up it keeps bringing back all of the memories and non stop crazy and funny ass moments.  The only thing we wished is that we had more time to hang out with each and every Groove Cruiser because you really are our extended family.  THANK YOU FOR THE MEMORIES! Jason, Ryan, Kathy, Deb, Candice & the Whet Travel Team, my hats off to you!


P.S.  The 2012 Miami Groove Cruise sold out 3 and a half months in advance and the word on the street is that there are over 650 cabins that pre-booked for 2013 (about 1500 people).  And we all know 2013 will be even BIGGER & better.


What the DJs thought about the Groove Cruise.

“Groove Cruise might have been the CRAZIEST 72 hrs EVER!” – Dimitri Vegas/Like Mike

“Groove Cruise the past two years for me has been an unforgettable experience. 3 days of incredible music in the middle

of the ocean with my close friends and then making new friends along the way has been amazing – Sydney Blu

“Best Crowd I’ve ever met in my life” – Chus + Ceballos

“It’s INSANE!” -  Sander Van Doorn

“I’m not gonna lie, I was kinda scared” – Chris Lake

“If u want house music on the high seas, Groove Cruise is the way to go.  This was my first one and it won’t be my last”  – Roger Sanchez

“Really exciting…REALLY” -  Thomas Gold

Past Groove Cruise DJ’s:  

“WOW, It was F*CKING INSANE!”- Dirty South

“It’s a F*CKING good party on The Groove Cruise!” – Benny Benassi

““Great music, great people, great DJs.”- Deadmau5


Roger Sanchez, Chus + Ceballos, Boris and Victor Calderone all on a ship together in the Bahamas?!  

I thought I died and had gone to heaven.


Partying on the ship w Sander Van Doorn and Thomas Gold and getting pics with them was awesome!  They were sooo cool and friggin party animals!!  


Nothing in the world could possibly prepare you for those 72  hours of straight partying!!!


Groove Cruise changed my life. It let me realize that love for Electronic Music is global, and brings the sexiest people together! When people ask me “How was it?!”…all I could say is I felt like I

died and went to house music heaven <3


I have seen it all and this is one of the siiiickest party experiences out there. There is no better value out there too. Being able to meet and hang out with the djs as well as like-minded people from across

the world is an indescribable experience much like the music itself



When thinking about where I wanted to celebrate my bachelorette with all of my nearest and dearest, many ideas were thrown around… one that was of course mentioned a time or two was Vegas.  My immediate thoughts were: too cliché and way too overdone.  So when we heard about the Groove Cruise, we truly thought that it was a perfect fit on every level.  What could be better than 72 hours of house music set against the backdrop of the warm Caribbean climate (in the dead of winter, no less) and white sandy beaches.  Though we were all extremely pumped about the inevitable adventure that we were about to embark upon, we could have never dreamt of how insane (DEFINITELY in a good way) the weekend was going to be.

From the moment we stepped onto the boat, we could instantly feel the raw energy and camaraderie of the epic weekend that was about to take place.  From sun up to sun down and every minute in between, the renowned DJ’s kept us engaged with every beat.  From the day-parties on the beach to the themed parties that lasted all night, every minute was filled with an amazing vibe.  A highlight was meeting and hanging out with Tamra Keenan, a vocalist for so many of our favorite songs. Hearing her perform “Angel on my shoulder” live was surreal to say the least! My girls made sure to highlight the fact that I was celebrating my bachelorette and I absolutely loved the reaction from all of the fellow groove-cruisers and DJ’s alike – “This has got to be the most incredible bachelorette trip ever.”  I couldn’t have agreed more! In fact, we’re already talking about plans for a joint couples trip next year, so it’s safe to say that we were all bitten by the Groove Cruise bug.


We created memories that will last for a lifetime and though I might be biased in saying so, I honestly believe that I had the best bachelorette weekend of LIFE!


— Jessi Wells


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