A Quick Guide To Mallorca

One of the ever-popular Balearic Islands, Mallorca is the perfect location for a quiet romantic holiday or full-on family fun.

However, there’s much more to Mallorca than the beach. Palma de Mallorca (or simply Palma) is the main centre and a charming stop. The northwest coast, dominated by the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, is a beautiful region of olive groves, pine forests and ochre villages, with a spectacularly rugged coastline.

Where is it?

Mallorca is the middle, and largest, of a set of islands set in the Mediterranean off the east cost of Spain. It has a varied terrain, which means that although the majority of visitors come for the coast and beaches, there is a growing interest in the islandís fertile plains and mountainous regions.

Where can I stay?

If you want to avoid the over-developed resorts that dominate parts of Mallorca, then choose a boutique hotel. Less stuffy and more intimate than regular hotels, yet with discreet staff and service when you want it, a boutique Mallorcan hotel is the ideal way to truly experience the island.

The Palacio Ca Sa Galesa, for example, is set right in the heart of Palma, and boasts the only swimming pool in the Gothic district. No detail has been overlooked, so you immediately feel comfortable in any of its 12 rooms.

Alternatively, visit Palma on a day trip from Scottís Hotel, which is a charming boutique hotel set in a medieval wine-producing village off the main tourist route. Comfort is a key theme here, with goosedown pillows and breakfast until noon.

What can I see?

Visit Palma for a really cosmopolitan view of Mallorca. Half of the islandís population live here so it comes as no surprise that sophisticated bars and classy shops sit easily alongside ancient streets and the astounding Gothic Cathedral. It pays to spend some time exploring the city ñ whether itís taking in the amazing view from the waterfront, wandering in and out of the tiny shops in the old Arab Quarter, or taking in the sights from a traditional pony and trap. Further afield, Mallorca boasts a range of interesting towns, secluded bays, and mountain walks that reward with perfect views.

How do I get around?

There are many low cost flights from Europe to Mallorcaís main city, Palma de Mallorca. From there, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to travelling around the island. There is a comprehensive bus network that takes you from town to town, or you can hire a car so that you can be in complete control of your itinerary.

Alternatively, you can rent a moped, or work off your meals by cycling. Itís never too far from one town to another, so thereís plenty of time for sight seeing however you choose to travel. Use the local ferry services to visit the other Balearic Islands and make the most of your holiday time.
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