Horoscope June 2012


Aries: You are probably as energetic as a teenager who just discover alcohol! Your impatience may cloud your ability to rationalize, a couple extra drinks can make the difference between going home with a pretty girl or girl who used to be a dude. We are not saying you are gonna get drunk and sleep with the first person you find but don’t leave your house without condoms and a good excuse planned for the next morning, you never now what surprises bring the night in your excitement.

This is a good time to establish a relationship with someone or a stronger union with your mate, Love is an immense source of experience, satisfaction and accomplishment, if there is good sex of course.


Taurus: Certainly this will not be a time to be bored, You have a projected confidence that can get you laid any day. You are one of the few stable lovers but be careful you don’t want to be in a too stable-bored relationship, what about a little role playing? You are capable of disciplining yourself and offer security to your lover, wear a military uniform and tie your partner, you will find that the relationship with your beloved one is better when you focus your emotions on bed.

If you are not involved with anyone, you could establish a relationship now with a quiet person who takes love very seriously. It promises to be a serious relationship with broad perspectives for the future. My advice for you if you see marriage coming: Run away as fast as you can.


Gemini: Now your sexuality and energy will be revitalized and must be released through a creative exchange. You are extremely versatile and your multiple interests are forever expanding. You have an open mind as a lover and that can lead you to new experiences, just don’t to excited with everything you see if you visit thailand or south beach.

Experience and practice that “to receive one must give” so don’t sit a wait for some one to kiss you.


Cancer: You may just be one of the few who are able to truly act out how you feel, which provides you with the knowledge of how the others can please you in bed. You are able to expend great energy in something through to its end and thats something rewarding in bed! You offer emotional security to your lovers and are happiest when surrounded by an expressive partner or expensive cars and apartments

you are much freer now, since you have surf certain self-limitations that had been stoping your emotional expression. in other words now your ex is gone and you are balanced, capable of love preserving your personal freedom. your ideals related to feelings or love could be fulfilled during this transiting of Uranus to Moon.


Leo: Lucky Mars in Leo! This stirs up your emotional life; It means you are gonna be a sea of cliches and corny moments overflowing with passion and love of life! You would make an excellent lover, as it satisfy you to see others enjoying themselves with the same intensity you do.

If you are engaged and have decided to get married, now is the time to do it, since you will find the social, family and economic support to take that step, Or just run away as fast as you can. If you are married, it is time to plan a trip,  could be a second honey moon which increase the level of happiness in your relationship or the perfect excuse to leave your partner and move to hawaii, things are not gonna get any better.



Virgo: we know you had a good moment in spring but the summer has different plans, your life will turn to its usual. All your misunderstandings will disappear, don’t be afraid of taking the first step but remember to be patience and considerate, you will become more idealistic so don’t feel disappointment if you feel like your partner is not what you imagined. Keep in mind that he/she loves you or at least agree to sleep with you. Is not like you are the best option out there.

Your tedious life might tempted you to seek pleasures, this could to lead to unreasonable romances or why not a few one night stands. Consider the fact that new relations could be short-term so avoid the conflicts and enjoy with your partner.


Libra:You are sensual and affectionate with those you feel close to and are gratified by lots of physical contact. Gracious, entertaining and extremely romantic. Setting may be very important to you, take into account that love means to resign, in the sense that one must moderate aspects of oneself to find the balance with one’s mate.

now you may also be proud of your mate and may want to show off socially so everyone can see that you are the “perfect couple”. It may boost your ego but it also has it’s disadvantages since, is extremely annoying for everyone who surrounds you whether you like it or not, there always will be a certain amount of criticism.



Scorpio:You will notice an increase in your sexual energy during this astrological aspect, but but remember that true love requires a satisfying sexual relationship with self-control, commitment and desire.

you might want to escape from the routine going to dance with your mate or prepare an awesome weekend. Be careful, the following weeks could be quite tight, and I’m talking about money this time since you over spent on details to such a degree that you are without anything in the budget for the rest of the month.



Sagittarius:This astrological aspect generates great emotional capacity. At given times you may become very sentimental, or will express your emotions in a very visible and theatrical way. Keep the drama to yourself , no one likes tears in bed.

If you are not involved with anyone, this could be a time to approach someone, but you may do it in a daring way. If you don’t moderate your impulse you may be rejected.



Capricorn: This astrological aspect increases your vitality and your sensuous capacity, Your potency attracts people who recognize you for your sensuality and underlying passionate nature, you are excellent catch for anyone who enjoys peace, stability, and a no nonsense approach to life!

You are confirming that good taste is fundamental in the development of superior love, where the feelings are like your genitals, we all have them but it doesn’t mean everyone wants to hear about them, you have to be careful with the person and the way that you show them and in a bad context could be really offensive.



This planetary placing has been said to produce more originality than any other. In relationships, you enjoy experimentation and lots of spontaneous activity! You offer excitement and variety to your partner.

Avoid egocentric attitudes and learn to share your decisions with your mate, otherwise it could be really annoying, deciding jointly will suppose greater wisdom at the time of carrying out your plan of action and everyone hates a smart ass.



A conjunction of transiting Mars to Pluto increases your vital energy. You are a highly sensitive being, usually able to actively connect your emotions to those around you. This ability makes you honest in your responses and reactions.

Now is the time to become aware of your feelings, desires and sensations of sensual character, so you will be able to give the right, adequate and creative outlet to those impulses, anyone who desires a romantic, sensual partner has definitely found perfection in you. You offer selflessness and affection to your lovers.

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