Taking a break with Markus Schulz.

interview by: Tammy Jean Morales

photos by: Reisstroffer Design

Markus Schulz has been one of the top 10 DJs in the world for the last few years and we were lucky enough to sit with him during WMC this year to pick his brain. Since Whet Mag is about the love of music and the love for travel, we thought we’d see what his take is on some R & R.

What do you do on your downtime when you’re traveling?

It’s really not that sexy what I do when I travel. I usually sit in my hotel room with my headphones on preparing for my next set. I find that I get more work done when I’m on the road without the distractions of going to the office. It’s a nice quiet time to sit there in your room with your headphones on working on stuff. And then go to the restaurants in the hotel. Every now and then I like to spoil myself and go to a spa.

Do you ever explore any cities?

When I arrive to a city for the first time I don’t know what to expect and I usually try to get in and out really fast. Then I take notes of things and it’s like “next time I come here I want to do this, I want to do that”. So I have a long list of things that I want to do in different cities that I haven’t done yet. It’s really difficult with my schedule to really explore. That’s what’s kind of neat about this lifestyle is like, you go to a city, you check it out and you look forward to going there again and discovering new things.

how much are you traveling these days?

Last year I did 150 gigs, which means a minimum of 150 nights in a hotel and sometimes you have down days. I think last year I spent about 200 nights of the year in a hotel.

Do you have any good travel tips?

I’m a firm believer in taking a carry-on luggage only. I know the girls are probably like, “are you kidding me?” At the end of the day, carry- on luggage only, put a little duffle bag in there and what ever you need go out and buy. Just to travel light is so much easier. There aren’t so many headaches. Whoever travels with me – I make them go with carry-on luggage only. It’s so much easier, you get off the plane and you go.

Do you take any vacations?

This past year I took a first proper vacation in 5 years. I went to Australia-I did a tour in Australia and then when I was done I went up to an island off the coast of Cairns, it’s called Lizard Island and they have 22 rooms on this island, 9 beaches. You can book your own beach for the day. They’ll bring you out on a boat, feed you lunch on the boat and pick you up after. I went there for a week. It’s the most amazing thing. There’s no cell phone coverage. They’ve got one little room that has grainy Internet. But I needed it so bad. It was amazing. Everything was all-inclusive. They had sunset cruises, excursions to snorkel, and diving excursions. It really was a lot of fun. The fact that they only had 22 rooms in there it was really low capacity. I met really nice people away from the music industry that you can connect with.

What’s your take on today’s dance music scene?

I think that the dance music scene has blown up this past year. It’s really exciting because it’s a younger generation that has risen up and taken over the scene. Everywhere from Los Angeles to New york to Miami, there’s so much new youth and energy. As a musician and a DJ, it’s really made things really exciting. Along with these new clubbers you’re also seeing a new breed of DJs popping up. It’s really giving the scene a new life. Now we’ve got some new blood. It’s really exciting. You see it in their eyes when they walk in a club–it’s like, “wow!” It’s really an exciting time right now. It’s given me new energy. I love this scene. I love the music. I got into the scene because I love it and for this kind of energy and to see this kind of energy is great.

What are your plans for this coming year?

I’m finishing up my new artist album, which I’m hoping to have done for the summer time. In the summer time I do all the festivals and things like that so it’s really difficult to do an album promotion during the festival season. But I want to have my album done in the middle of all the festival stuff and after the festival season ends I want to start touring to promote my artist album.

Any countries you have in mind?

We just hit everywhere–South America, through the US, up to Canada and then Europe. There’s also a really great scene in Asia and India as well, so those are markets you got to hit. And then at the end of the summer here is when it starts warming up in Australia so you got to go down there as well. That’s the thing about this lifestyle, is that it’s perpetual. When one tour ends, the next one starts. When one season ends another season starts somewhere else.

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