Top 10: Pool Parties around the world.

summer starts to heat up and the best option to fight the weather is find your bathing suit, go to the pool and if your wallet allows it leave your city for some heavenly destination to enjoy a perfect view with good music and a cocktail in your hand.

We are fans of everything that includes alcohol, hot bodies and wet people so we made a compilation of the best pool parties around the world, if you thought you knew the definition of Insane you don’t know what they are capable of in Ibiza, Las Vegas or Miami

10. Drais at The W Hollywood, Los Angeles

You know you are going to have a good time when you get to this pool party, offers a completely different scene than what we are use to in LA, you can take a brake from the frequent celebrity visitors and mediocre actors who still believe they are something special in hollywood and freely enjoy the alcohol and the view of the double D festival, you can expect a chic crowd that offers something quite different but always ready to have fun.

9. Gansevoort Park Ave, New York

If you are in NY for the weekend Sunset Sundays at the Gansevoort Park is the place where you want to be, you can enjoy of the best house music of the city and surrounded with people who actually comes to have fun and not to be part of the show of the social climbers. Its a little bit far from the usual party scene but trust us, is worth it.

8. RX at The Perry Hotel, Miami

This party is know for making every single wet body present jump, Coincidently, the Perry Hotel was formerly known as the Gansevoort Hotel prior to the sale. Luxury is all over the place and Travel Network actually rates this pool deck party as the best in the US. Set on the rooftop offers and ocean and city view probably difficult to match. With music by Alex Butler this deck has everything to offer you an epic party.

7. Marquee Pool Party, Las Vegas

Oh Vegas. the only place on earth where is redundant to say Pool Party, extravaganza is in every corner and every day in the pool is going to end in a party. Everyone is here for one reason and one reason only which is to have fun. Aviici officially kicked off the season really soon in April, so you know this event is nothing short of awesomeness.

Major DJ’s are booked nearly every weekend at the Marquee so you are guaranteed to have an amazing summer with some of the most beautiful women this planet has to offer, this is Vegas, what happens here stays here.

6. Paradise Beach, Mykonnos, Greece

There isn’t technically a pool but it occupies the same hours wearing sunglasses, showing off your body and rests on a beach front venue; so, if consider the glass half full, this is a pool party. If you are looking for a place in europe to party during the summer your wallet is going to be really happy if this is your choice, Not only is the event extremely cheap – a bottle of champagne will run you about 110$ –
but because your experience here will be unlike any other around the world. You will be partying with hundreds of people countries partying as if Greek never had any debt.

5. Encore beach, Las Vegas

When we start the countdown I thought it was unfair to include Las Vegas, they have the absurd advantage of being a party paradise but course there would be two pool parties from Vegas unavoidable in the top of this list: This party has the difficult position of share the spot against Marquee’s, although this is one has the tittle of the best pool party in Sin City. The people is a bit more mature but the big shows are schedule just as well; there is something about this atmosphere that makes you question what are you doing with your life and why you have been missing this. After you attend this party, you might even find yourself thanking Mr. Wynn for the unforgettable experience.

4. Nikki Beach, St. Tropez, France

Is not like you don’t know what to expect from any of the Nikki Beach around the world, It can’t get any better. With a different themed every weekend, the chances of you not having a good time are zero. This event is proud of having one of the most strict door, with the world’s Elite as a crowd the price to party here can be on the roof. It is rumored that Malaysian Mogul Jho Low spent around 2 million euros in one sitting at Nikki Beach with Paris Hilton near his side engaging in a champagne war with Saudi Royals.

3. Ocean Club, Marbella, Spain

The amount of champagne at this party is absolutely ridiculous. People that attend this event do not order their drinks by the bottle, rather by the barrels
The insane “champagne party” at Marbella club will have you at the edge of an anxiety attack until October. I guess that you already know that the girls are nothing less than amazing.

2. Ushuaïa Pool Party, Ibiza, Spain

Where else but Ibiza? a city with Beautiful beaches, perfect weather to match your bathing suit and one of the best pool parties to cool you down under the hot sun, the party in this city never stops and this pool offers not only an Elite atmosphere, but a full size stage for performance while you finish your Dom Pérignon Rosé., Ushuaia is the place to be and did I mention already that is in Ibiza?

1. Love Juice, Marbella, Spain
As you might be expecting Spain is in the number one position, another first place because they know how to party. Love Juice began in 2010 and since then has brought some of the sickest times Marbella has ever seen. I challenge you to attend one of these parties and not ruin your bank account, or at least think about it. I’am not sure if is hot people, the music, the hot weather or awesome atmosphere but this is one of the hottest places to be on summer, Expect plenty at Love Juice, Marbella.

Share with us you’re favorite pool parties.

champagne anyone?

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