Love Lockdown, Not A Love Showdown

I am indeed, a fan of the mister Kanye West and all of his musical genius. Sorry, Taylor Swift. In the latest of some scandalous celebrity gossip, couples are making up and breaking up like wildfire. That aside, I always love watching interviews that seem to push the envelope.

What do the Jersey Shore, the Real Housewives Series, and MTV’s Next all have in common? Mindless reality television that I somehow find myself addicted to in times of boredom, and sometimes revalidate that I in fact do not live as much of a drama filled life as these television personalities. When I flipped on my television last week, I dove in the land of television mindlessness.

Recently, Kim Kardashian sat down with Oprah Winfrey for a “tell-all” interview. While various topics were discussed from her mom’s decision to put her on birth control at fourteen to the possibility of having the cameras shut off on this family affair when it comes to reality shows, it was an on edge of your seat type of interview.

When the attention was not on her younger sisters, Khloe & Lamar’s married on a whirlwind relationship, and other topics, the circulation about what the deal is with Kim & Kanye has had a lot of people curious.

Miss Kim though, expressed that she loved NBA Brooklyn Nets basketball player Kris Humphries, despite all the media flac she got on “putting him through” the relationship for added publicity. After feeling that something just was not right, she proceeded to file for divorce, just after seventy two days of marriage. Fast forward not too long later, and she and Kanye are indeed an item. Ironically, both of them as well have put their houses on the market. When addressed though of this coincidental move made by both parties, the speculation of them moving in together was denied.

Personally, I think most of us are ready for the story to move onwards. It turned into a whole spiral of he said, she said in regards to Kim Kardashian and her relationship woes, in regards to Humphries.. did anyone else think that losing the diamond earring for a second in the ocean was a little much on an episode?

Although, I must admit…if I was Kanye, I could not complain when someone buys me a Lamborghini for my birthday. As I finish listening to Love Lockdown by Kanye West, “Never knowing enough until it’s over”, I think and reality fans alike are saying: pshhhh this relationship is just beginning.


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